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CESJDS Junior State of America Team Wins 10 Best Speaker Awards at Fall Convention


CESJDS students won a total of 10 best speaker awards at the Junior State of America Fall Convention.

Below are the 10 winners and topics:

  • Sam Fingerhut: Resolved, the U.S. substantially reduces its foreign aid to Israel.
  • Ari Gershengorn: Resolved, Judeo-Christian religious views are fundamental to American values
  • Amelia Davidson: Resolved, the Mexico City policy be reinstated
  • Matthew Wieseltier and Ilan Gasko: Thought talk: What is the future of the Republican Party?
  • Jonah Loshin: Resolved, restricting certain arms threatens the legitimacy of the Second Amendment.
  • Ethan Swagel: Resolved, Congress pass a bill protecting net neutrality.
  • Ilan Cohen: Resolved, Zionism is beneficial to the world.
  • Joey Shoyer: Resolved, NATO is necessary to promote global stability.
  • Ezra Loeb: Thought Talk: Why are millennials so drawn to the values of socialism?

CESJDS ended up winning 17% of the total awards given at the convention with a little less than 7% of the students in attendance.

Congratulations to the entire CESJDS JSA team on a great conference!

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