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CESJDS in Argentina - Day 5

Micah and Sophia

Follow the group of 10 CESJDS High School Spanish students, and their teachers, as they travel around Argentina through their student blog! This trip is designed to explore the life and culture of Buenos Aires, including Jewish Buenos Aires, to gain first-hand experience with a Spanish-speaking country, and to visit a Jewish day school and be hosted for a night by a Jewish day school family.

Friday was a very interesting experience for us. After waking up very early, we took a bus to a Jewish pluralistic day school called Tarbut. Our group was instantly astounded by the level of security present to protect the school, and by the airport-like, modern, open architecture and design present within the building. After meeting our hosts, we ate a light breakfast and attended classes with them. Many of the classes we attended were new to us, as our school does not offer them. these included business, economics, "the theory of knowledge," and more. We also attended classes such as English, Spanish, Chemistry, Mathematics, and more. It was quite the experience. The style and dynamics of Tarbut definitely stood out to us, from their 10 minute breaks between classes and watching of the world cup on a large projector during lunch (whenever a goal was made, the school would actually shake with the screaming of students). Once school ended, we all went our separate ways and spent the rest of the day with our hosts. Although we all spent the time in different ways, we all enjoyed diverse and unique cultural experiences. We all even met up together for the meal called "merienda" (tea time) which takes place around the time when Americans eat dinner (dinner in Argentina typically takes place around 10-11). We enjoyed fresh brewed coffee and gourmet desserts. Once dinner time had actually arrived, we learned quickly that Argentinean families are very loving and open. The night was very well spent, and we will never forget this amazing experience.

- Micah and Sophia

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