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7th Grade Hosts Junior Geographer's Summit


This week, our 7th Graders hosted their Junior Geographer's Summit. In World Geography and the Developing World, students study the five themes of geography and the attributes that define the developing world. Additionally, in both Social Studies and Humanities Experience, the seventh grade has discussed the danger of a "single story" -- of viewing people and places as a flat monolith.

In preparation for the Junior Geographer's Summit, the students applied this knowledge to a country in the developing world by conducting research and writing an essay. Students examined the political, economic, and social challenges of their assigned country, as well as a signature accomplishment the country has contributed to the global community. Then, during the Summit the students presented their findings that incorporate the five themes of geography, the challenges, and the signature achievement. The Junior Geographer's Summit encourages students to explore other cultures and discover the rich and multifaceted nature of countries in the developing world. Great job to all of this year's Junior Geographers!

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