CESJDS Mission & Values

Mission / What We Do

We deliver an exemplary and inspiring general and Jewish education.

Purpose / Why

To ensure a vibrant Jewish future.

Vision / Outcome

The growth of confident, compassionate thinkers who engage the world through Jewish values.


Strategic Plan

Our Core Values

תורה לשמה
Love of Learning
Lifelong learning inspired by a strong, comprehensive academic program of general and Judaic studies that prioritizes critical, independent, and creative thought and expression.
אהבת תורה
Love of Torah
Knowledge of and appreciation for the wisdom, spiritual depth, and ethical guidance of Judaism.
K’DUSHAH קדושה Holiness Perception of God’s presence in the awe and wonder of our world and how we can sanctify our lives through the practice and experience of the mitzvot.
אהבת ישראל
Love of Israel
An inextricable bond with the Jewish people – past, present, and future. A strong personal and ongoing relationship with Israel, its history, people, and culture. An appreciation for and mastery of Hebrew as the language and voice of the Jewish people.
תיקון עולם
Repairing the World
Passionate desire, active engagement, and individual/collective commitment to repair the world and make it more compassionate, just, and peaceful.
A principled commitment to the diversity of Jewish backgrounds, beliefs, and practices of our community of students, teachers, and parents. We unite through our shared values and cultivate respect and knowledge inspired by our differences.

ואהבת לרעך
Love Your Neighbor
A deep commitment to B’tzelem Elokim (each individual is created in the image of God), and Derekh Eretz (ethical decency).
K'HILLAH קהילה Community A vibrant, caring, moral community based upon the concepts of ahra-yut and areivut (individual and collective responsibility).