Staff Spotlight Profile

Eder Morales, Lower School Security Guard, was born in San Miguel, El Salvador. He came to the United States with his family when he was 13, and found his new home base in Maryland. Morales attended two local high schools before graduating from Wheaton High School.

After some searching, Morales found his career path in the security industry. Before coming to JDS, Morales was a supervisor with LI security for 7 years, where he learned about securing and managing many different types of buildings and unique situations. He also worked with the Hebrew Home for two years prior to CESJDS.

Morales was drawn to security because it presents daily challenges and rewards. “It’s nice to help protect the community and anyone in the area,” Morales said. “Helping people is what makes me like security.”

Morales has been the Lower School Security Guard for 13 years. “I like working at JDS because of the atmosphere,” he said. “Everyone who comes into the building is so nice, and interacting with the kids is a highlight.” Morales has seen Kindergartners grow into college students, and come back to visit. “I am always surprised to see how much they’ve grown and happy to see them doing well.”

Morales has brought his past experience and perspective to the team of staff members and consultants who have been making security enhancements to the Lower School over the last several years. Morales brings his daily knowledge and his “never leave a stone unturned” policy to the team, and makes recommendations from his daily observations. “I don’t see something and just let it go,” he said. “I ask every question, and my eyes are constantly on the interior cameras, doors, and parking lots. If I see something out of place, we find out what it is.” This also extends to the Upper School Campus. Guards from each campus keep an eye on the other campus’ cameras to provide another layer of security.

Morales’ favorite aspect of working at JDS is the sense of community. “I can see that there is a bond in this community that I feel included in after working at JDS for so long,” he said. “Parents and students always stop to say hi, they support my work, and that makes it much easier to secure the building for our students.”

Outside of school, Morales spends time with his wife, Lorena, his three children, Julissa, Jason, and Joshua, and his dog, Gio. Growing up Morales loved playing soccer and he continues that tradition with his children.

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