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Elizabeth Rosenberg, 4th Grade General Studies Teacher

Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Rosenberg

Elizabeth Rosenberg, 4th Grade General Studies Teacher, has been teaching for 12 years, eight of which have been at CESJDS. Growing up, Elizabeth was an active camp counselor and the daughter of a teacher, so she knew finding a way to work with children would be her life goal. Elizabeth went on to study Special Education, General Education and Judaic Studies at Indiana University and a Masters in Teacher Leadership.

Elizabeth grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, and often found herself looking for a larger Jewish community to connect with. "I had to really seek out a Jewish life for myself," she says. "It wasn't just everywhere I turned." Elizabeth has extended family in Potomac who attended CESJDS and noticed the different experience they had due to the strong community surrounding them. Wanting to be a part of the same sort of community, Elizabeth knew she would one day teach at a Jewish day school. "I wanted to give my students the experience that I had to seek out," she says.

Elizabeth began teaching in Georgia but when the opportunity presented itself to join the community she had admired at a young age, she jumped at the chance. Throughout the years, Elizabeth has valued the connections she has made in the CESJDS community, often having the opportunity to teach whole families of siblings, and cousins.

In her free time, Elizabeth loves being around her friends and family, both here and in her hometown of Lexington, KY. Most of all, she loves being a doting dog mom to her pup, Fate.

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