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Adrienne Hiatt, 1st Grade General Studies Teacher

Adrienne Hiatt has been teaching 1st grade at CESJDS since 2006. She loves teaching first grade as students reach many milestones, learn how to problem solve, and are excited to come to school. "I have always felt a real connection with this age group," she says.

Prior to CESJDS, she taught at a number of different schools for deaf children, ranging from Pre-Kindergarten through second grade. She fell into teaching deaf children while doing volunteer work required by her special education major. Adrienne immediately fell in love with sign language, went on to immerse herself in Deaf culture and even spent a semester studying at Gallaudet University while pursuing her Master's Degree.

Adrienne knew that teaching was her calling, and came into college knowing that she would be pursuing a career in education.

Throughout the years, Adrienne has learned so much from other teachers and continues to stay connected with families that she has taught over the past 13 years at JDS. "I have been teaching now for 25 years, and still find so much joy in being with my class. I love being able to try out new teaching techniques and am inspired by advancements in the field," she says.

In her spare time, Adrienne loves to read, cook, spend time with friends and spend time in the city.

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