Diversity and Inclusion at CESJDS

CESJDS Diversity Statement

CESJDS is a learning community committed to diversity and inclusion. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion emanates from the School’s core values of K’dushah (Holiness), V’ahavta L’rei-akha (Loving your Neighbor), Kehillah (Community), and pluralism. Our community is intellectually and morally strengthened when many different voices, viewpoints, and backgrounds learn with and from each other. We facilitate experiences to educate students towards a richer understanding and appreciation of diversity so that they are better prepared to contribute meaningfully to the diverse world in which we live.

Student Resources

As part of our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at CESJDS we have developed a list of resources for students, families and community members that may be helpful as we work to support and include different individuals in our school and broader community.