Wall of Gratitude 

All year we have received messages of gratitude from parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, and students. We have been collecting and are sharing them here on our Wall of Gratitude. 

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It is through the support of the Ma’ayan Annual Campaign that we can continue to create these impactful moments. We are grateful for the generosity and strength this community has shown. Together we are JDStrong!

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We love that JDS provides our children with an educational space that is both academically challenging and spiritually full. - Current Parent

"What I love most about JDS is, now that my kids are starting to graduate, watching them become compassionate, independent thinkers who are positively engaged with the world around them. They are much more learned and connected than I ever was coming from a public high school. It is just amazing to watch them grow up to be responsible and moral young adults who are able to take on any new challenge." - Current Parent & Alumni Parent

"We love the engaging and inclusive jewish community; exceptional, committed teachers; and commitment to our son's holistic development." - Current Parent

"I'm a JDS lifer - JDS instilled in me a love of learning and provided me with an amazing and supportive community." - Alumni

"From the enthusiastic welcome that our son receives in the carpool line to the individualized attention that he receives from his various teachers, we are grateful to JDS for knowing our son and seeing the best in him. JDS has provided our son opportunities to be enriched academically and to grow socially. We are particularly grateful to JDS for their shift to virtual learning. It is clear that teachers, administrators, and other staff members have worked tirelessly to provide the warm, loving, challenging JDS experience even when it hasn't been safe to meet in person, and to seek feedback to improve the program when necessary. Enrolling our son at JDS continues to be one of the best decisions that we have made as parents!" - Current Parent

"JDS is not just a place that I work, it's a second home. I want to be able to say that I financially contributed to being able to have a place of learning that is thoughtful in its process, academically rigorous, challenges students to grow, and fosters a sense of community." - Faculty Member

"Because JDS taught me how to think and to be. It taught me to think critically about the world, my surroundings and my environment, and it taught me personal values and the importance of friendship." -Alumni

"My grandson led the entire shacharit service, read from the torah, recited his haftorah and delivered a compelling d'var torah for his bar mitzvah on Saturday. I wasn't surprised as he has been reading torah and leading services for two years. Thank you, JDS!" - Grandparent

"The sense of community, not only among the students, but amongst the parents too. We also feel connected to the staff and teachers, they aren't just school professionals, they are friends. The school teaches my kids to be learners, and curious, but also kind, and menschlich." - Current Parent

"JDS provides a warm and vibrant sense of Jewish community and heritage, while instilling a strong moral compass." - Alumni Parent

"The community, the study of Torah and Jewish values, the striving for excellence, the quality math and science faculty, the innovative approach to learning, and the family-like feel despite its size." - Alumni Parent

" JDS is a welcoming, fun, and warm place where students and their parents are excited to participate in a learning environment that is ahead of the curve. In these challenging times of online learning from home, JDS leadership, faculty, and staff provide the spark to keep families engaged and the students thriving. We love how Judaic studies, culture, and the Hebrew language are mixed seamlessly with math, literature, morals, music, art, social studies, and concern for others. The building is a safe environment, and the school staff even provides quick IT services for JDS laptops. Kol Hakavod and Toda Raba for everything." - Current Parent

" Our children's teachers have shown so much care and patience during this difficult time. Our first graders has become a voracious reader with the help of her wonderful kindergarten and 1st grade teachers. We appreciate how much they have put in during this difficult time." - Current Parent & Faculty Member