CESJDS Lions' Roar Newsletter

Read about Jewish education, CESJDS accomplishments, highlights from the Lower School, Middle School and High School, plus much more in the pages of The Lions' Roar, the CESJDS tri-annual newsletter.

Spring 2021 Vol. VII Issue III

Summer 2019 Vol. V Issue IV

Fall 2018 Vol. V Issue II

Spring 2018 Vol. IV Issue II

Summer 2017 Vol. III Issue III

Fall 2016 Vol. III Issue I

Spring 2016 Vol. II Issue II

Summer 2015 - Vol. I Issue II

Winter 2020 Vol. VII Issue II

Summer 2020 Vol. VII Issue I

Spring 2020 Vol. VI Issue III

Fall 2019 Vol. VI Issue II

Spring 2019 Vol. V Issue III

Summer 2018 Vol. V Issue I

Fall 2017 Vol. IV Issue I

Spring 2017 Vol. III Issue II

Summer 2016 Vol. II Issue III

Fall 2015 Vol. II Issue I

Spring 2015 - Vol. I Issue I