The CESJDS Pawdcast


Podcast Episode #7

Kindergarten Readiness - Part 1 - Rabbi Matthew Bellas, Gayle Elster, and Rhonda Kleiner

In part one of our two-part series, Rabbi Matthew Bellas, Lower School Principal, sits down with Gayle Elster, Guidance Support Specialist and Gurim Guidance Counselor, and Rhonda Kleiner, Kindergarten Teacher, to discuss various perspectives of Kindergarten readiness.

Podcast Episode #5

Avoiding the "Summer Slide" - Lower School Faculty

Jamie Kaminsky, 2nd and 3rd Grade Guidance Counselor, hosts several Lower School Faculty members to discuss the "summer slide." Hadas Heyman, 3rd Grade Judaic Studies Teacher and Tech Specialist, Jenny Rittberg, Math Coordinator, Elizabeth Rosenberg, Language Arts Enrichment Specialist, Carol Urbach, Learning Specialist, and Mollie Wour, 5th Grade General Studies Teacher and Math Specialist discuss activities your child can engage in to stay sharp, and have fun over Summer break. 

Podcast Episode #3

Executive Function - Heidi Tacktill and Sarah Andrea

Sarah Andrea, 3rd Grade General Studies Teacher, and Heidi Tacktill, Learning Specialist, discuss Executive Function, how we approach this at JDS, and ways to work with students at home

Podcast Episode #1

Coach Becky Silberman and Talia Shemony '20

Talia Shemony '20 has a conversation with Director of Athletics, Becky Silberman.

Podcast Episode #10

Remembering Charles E. Smith

Head of School Rabbi Mitchel Malkus sits down with David B. Smith, Charles E. Smith’s grandson to share his reflections of his grandfather, grandmother, and his family’s vision for JDS.

Podcast Episode #9

Our Commitment to New Student Integration and Lower School Guidance

Rabbi Matthew Bellas, Lower School Principal, sits down with Gayle Elster, Guidance Support Specialist and Gurim Guidance Counselor, and Dara Buchman, Kindergarten and First Grade School Counselor to discuss new student integration and our Lower School Guidance Department.

Podcast Episode #8

College Readiness Part 1 - Sue Rexford and Dr. Sharon Alston

Sue Rexford, Director of College Guidance, sits down with Dr. Sharon Alston, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrollment at American University, to discuss common questions students and their parents have during the college application process.

Podcast Episode #6

Jewish Life at the Upper School - Shoshanna Schechter and Miriam Stein

A conversation between incoming Director of Jewish Life, Shoshanna Schechter '98 and Miriam Stein, Director of Upper School Admissions, and previous Director of Jewish Life. Ms. Stein and Ms. Schechter discuss her path from her graduation that has lead her back to JDS, and her goals for Jewish Life at the Upper School. 

Podcast Episode #4

Enrichment 360- Catherine Welch and Kim Sherk

Catherine Welch, Lower Language Arts and Social Studies Coordinator, and Kim Sherk, Language Arts Enrichment Specialist discuss the new Lower School initiative: Enrichment 360.

Podcast Episode #2

Nancy Wassner and 11th Grade English

Nancy Wassner, High School English Teacher, introduces the excellent work of her 11th grade students' "This I Believe" project.