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CESJDS Hosts In-House Cadena Initiative Competition

Last week, we held our in-house Cadena Initiative competition, an international competition in which students design and prototype ideas for helping those affected by natural disasters. The winners of best design in our competition will move on to compete in the regional competition against students from Berman Hebrew Academy on Wednesday, April 10. Below are the three CESJDS teams advancing to regionals:

  1. Remy & Samantha Eidelman
  2. Talia Sporkin, Maia Byala, & Yuval Klein
  3. Isaac Kreisler & Joshua Gale

Students taking part in the regional competition present their ideas for helping individuals affected by natural disasters, including various student-created tools and resources geared towards preventing or responding to such events.

At this event, there will be a panel of judges who will score the teams and identify the winner based off of the Cadena Organization's criteria and expectations. The winning team will then compete in the international competition and will have the opportunity to go on a community service trip. The winner of the international competition will have its design implemented by the Cadena Foundation.

Good luck to the CESJDS Teams!