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CESJDS to Begin Groundbreaking and Collaborative STEM Initiative with The George Washington University

We are thrilled to announce our new ground-breaking collaboration with the George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) to develop a signature JK-5 STEM curriculum that will be integrated across general and Judaic disciplines and cutting-edge professional development for our Lower School.

Beginning this fall, a team of three GSEHD faculty will work with the Lower School Administration and Faculty in this unique school-university partnership that will bring to bear the GW STEM and curriculum expertise to create a world-class curriculum. The project will enhance teaching and learning at CESJDS in all subject areas, in particular, in math, science, art, and engineering, and in using technology as a learning tool.

Over the course of the next three years, faculty will participate in a graduate level STEM seminar/workshop that will focus on developing specific units and lessons for a proprietary curriculum that we anticipate making available to other schools across the country. GSEHD faculty will engage our teachers both in the workshop and in their classrooms.

An important aspect of the project will be a research component to measure and document the learning results of the curriculum and professional development on our students. As GSEHD researchers spend time in our classrooms and assess student learning, we will gain valuable insights into the work and our teaching and the field will have access to this unique school-university partnership through articles and papers that publish the research findings.

This exciting project is being made possible by a generous donor who wanted to strengthen and expand the STEM education the school has undertaken, advance significantly the teaching of science and math, and provide a unique opportunity to students and their families at CESJDS.