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5th Grade STEM Students Partner with Nicaraguan School to Study Water Issues

The Lower School STEM program has gone global! In the elective "STEM and Tikkun Olam," 5th grade students with their teacher Dr. Soffler and Level-Up Village, have connected with a partner elementary school in the developing world to study water issues. CESJDS students are exchanging personal video messages with students in a school in Nicaragua. Each child will learn first hand from their Nicaraguan partner about their concerns and needs regarding clean water and develop an on-going, cross-cultural dialogue, building friendships and understanding in the process.

In both classes in both countries, students will do experiments, share information, and complete a STEM challenge regarding water filtration. In this unique opportunity, CESJDS students have become engaged in not only studying STEM as an academic topic, but learning about the need and power of STEM innovation as part of the Jewish imperative of repairing the world. This begins with active, empathetic listening to others who have stories different than their own, and our students are excited to see where this journey takes us.

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