Why We Give - The Stillman Family
Debbie ’95 and Dan Stillman

Community, Continuity, and Collaboration. Those are the words that immediately come to mind when we think about CESJDS. These cornerstone principles are what inspire us to support the school’s Ma’ayan Annual Campaign and make CESJDS among our top philanthropic priorities.

Our family has been part of the CESJDS community for more than 40 years, dating back to when the Mirman family moved to the DC area in 1980 from Canada. Debbie and her family were welcomed then into what was still a fledgling school, and we were welcomed once again when our oldest son, Matty, began Kindergarten in 2013. Now a seventh grader, Matty is well on his way to joining Debbie as a CESJDS “lifer”, followed by our younger son, Adam, who is in fourth grade.

This past year, the importance of our amazing CESJDS community came into full view, both through the incredible academic and social-emotional support that the school has provided – even as our faculty and staff themselves faced unprecedented challenges – and through the network of friends who have become like family to all of us. They buoyed us not only through the overall challenge of living through the pandemic, but also as we faced tragic personal losses – the pain of which was magnified by the circumstances of the pandemic. We truly believe our entire family would not have gotten through this last year without the support and friendship of our CESJDS community.

CESJDS is helping to shape our children into confident and committed students, and compassionate and caring human beings, inspired every day by their Jewish values. We are deeply grateful for the partnership we have with CESJDS in raising our kids to live up to their full potential and be active members of our Jewish community. We hope you will join us in supporting the Ma’ayan campaign so that the school can continue its great tradition of building our Jewish community, one child at a time.

-Debbie ’95 and Dan Stillman, proud parents of Matty (7th grade) and Adam (4th grade)

Ma’ayan Annual Campaign Co-Chairs