Class of 2021 Awards - Siyyum
Dana Harris

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 recipients of the various Departmental, Academic, and School Service awards conferred at the Dr. Stuart Lessans Siyyum Ceremony. Read the full award listing below:

Excellence in Visual Arts
Noah Simon

Excellence in Performing Arts
Jonathan Morris

Excellence in STEM
Matthew Rabinowitz

Excellence in Jewish Text
Gabriella Loshin

Excellence in Math
Oren Minsk

Excellence in Hebrew
Alex Landy

Dorothy and Milton Gerwin Award given by the Gerwin Family for Excellence in English
Samara Himmelfarb

Reb Yale Award given by the Holiber Family for Excellence in Jewish History
Ella Messler

The World Languages Award given by the Morgan Family for Excellence in World Languages
Daphne Kaplan

The Lubin Award for Excellence in Science given by Brian, Melanie, and Russell Lubin for Excellence in Science
Jacob Syoysky

Simon Hirshman Award given by Ruth Binn in memory of her father for Excellence in History
Samara Himmelfarb

Marjorie and Lawrence Kravitz Keter Torah Award for excellence in all academic disciplines throughout high school and for a passion and love of learning for learning’s sake
Jane Trainor

Senior Athletic Achievement Award given by the Leish-Wandersman family
Adam Alter • Sophia Miller

Edith Chidakel and Charles M. Pascal Ahad Ha’am Award for a deep love
and commitment to the State of Israel and its people given by Paula Levine

Yair Ben-Dor

Kedushah Award for fostering spirituality, in honor of Rabbi Reuvane Slater, given by Cindy and Rick Zitelman and family
Ella Messler

Simon Hirshman Award endowed by our benefactor Charles E. Smith for commitment to community service
Robert Lefkowitz

Sherut L’Am Award given by the Mensh and Schlactus families, in honor of our Hagshama families, given for a deep love and commitment to improving the lives of others
Viviane Arking • Emma Nitkin

The William H. Davis School Leadership Award given by Marilyn Davis z˝l in memory of her husband for outstanding leadership. The pandemic leaders of the Class of 2021:
Addie Bassin • Samara Himmelfarb • Alex Landy • Sophia Miller • Jonathan Morris
Jacob Rulnick • Jacob Svovsky • Jane Trainor • Sasha Trainor • Jack Weitzer

The Or Chadash Leadership Award given by Jocelyn and Danny Krifcher in honor of their children and all the future community leaders graduating from CESJDS
Tess Mendelson

The Keter Shem Tov Award, the Crown of a good name, is given in honor of
Roz Landy’s parents, Ruth Siegel and Bernard Siegel, zichrono livracha, to a senior who possesses fine character and shows kindness and respect to others

Sally Rogal • Jacob Rulnick

The Hayim Orchim Award is given by the Krifcher family in honor of our CESJDS faculty who imbue our children with a love for Jewish values and theJewish people. This award is given to the student who has shown a passion for the values of our school - specifically Torah L’shmah, Tikkun Olam, and K’dushah and proven her commitment by living those values espoused at CESJDS

Daphne Kaplan

The Aron Marom Sobel Award given by the Sobel family and the CESJDS community in memory of Aron, a 1987 graduate, who exemplified what CESJDS stands for: fine character, academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, and commitment to the community
Alex Landy

The Frank E. Elster Awards for School Service

For The Lions Tale, the School Newspaper
Daphne Kaplan • Alex Landy • Oren Minsk • Matthew Rabinowitz

For Dimensions, the School Yearbook
Addie Bassin • Tess Mendelson • Arava Rose

For The Melting Pot, the World Language Magazine
Emmanuella Nitkin • Sally Rogal • Jack Weitzner

For Reflections, the Literary Magazine
Jonathan Morris

Bohr Franklin Award
Matthew Rabinowitz

For Leadership in Senior Class Government
Avital Kuperberg • Jack Weitzner

The Harry and Jessie Johnson Awards for School Service

For Performing Arts
Ruby Mendelson • Matan Rosenberg • Moshe Zaremba

For Visual Arts
Jacob Rulnick

For Mock Trial
Ainsley Lerner • Judah Teitelbaum

For Debate Team
Samara Himmelfarb • Oren Minsk

For Athletic Training
Ariel Wasserstein • Jack Weitzner

For Junior Statesman of America
Alex Landy

For Model UN
Matthew Rabinowitz

National Merit Scholar
Jane Trainor

National Merit Finalists
Oren Minsk • Matthew Rabinowitz • Jane Trainor

National Merit Commended Student
Sophia Miller

Quill and Scroll
Tal Arber • Addie Bassin • Ella Gorodetzky • Carrie Hirsch • Daphne Kaplan • Avital Kuperberg
Alex Landy • Tess Mendelson • Oren Minsk • Jonathan Morris • Matthew Rabinowitz
Sally Rogal • Arava Rose • Shelby Schlactus • Irit Skulnik • Jack Weitzner

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
Maya Arie • Danielle Azachi • Naama Ben-Dor • Miriam Bisker • Brian Epstein
Samara Himmelfarb • Daphne Kaplan • Sophie Krantz • Ruby Mendelson • Ella Messler
Oren Minsk • Sally Rogal • Jacob Svoysky • Alexandra Trainor

Arabic Honors Society
Danielle Azachi • Jack Weitzner