Covid-19 Testing Dashboard

CESJDS is closely tracking the health of our community through frequent, routine COVID-19 testing of every student, faculty, and staff members that will physically be on campus. This data, combined with related trends in the Montgomery County and the State of Maryland, will help inform the ongoing operating status of the CESJDS campus. The dashboard is updated each week to include the weekly results as of the previous test cycle.

Results reflect CESJDS testing through 6/9/21

Campus Status Level 

Campus Status Level Details

Tests at CESJDS in the past 7 days



Cumulative tests at CESJDS 



Positive tests at CESJDS in the past 7 days



Cumulative    positive tests at CESJDS 


CESJDS 7-day test positivity rate



Cumulative   test positivity rate at CESJDS


Any individual that may have come in contact with a positive case will be notified by the CESJDS nursing staff. 

* Most of these positive tests were self-reported to our nursing staff. 

MoCo 7-day Average Per 100K Residents



MoCo Test Positivity 14-day Average



 MoCo Results Last Updated: 6/9/21