CESJDS COVID Community Brit

Ahra-yut and Areivut (Individual and Collective Responsibility)

We are grateful for our partnership with families and we appreciate your support, flexibility and understanding during the uncertainty of the pandemic. Our faculty, administrators, and staff work hard each day to ensure a superior educational experience for our students. Our faculty have spent significant time training and preparing to deliver an exemplary and inspiring general and Jewish education. They are committed to supporting the diverse learning needs of each and every student. The School has established a set of layered mitigation practices to prevent the spread COVID, keep our school community healthy and ensure classes will continue in person throughout the school year. Students will be trained on practices applicable when they are on campus as well. 

CESJDS sees our families as partners in the education of their children. Your partnership in keeping your children healthy and safe is crucial to our ability to learn in person throughout the school year. Families are responsible for reading, understanding, and abiding by the information in the divisional Handbooks, including COVID-19 related policies and protocols. We consider this partnership as part of our commitment together to the Jewish values of Ahra-yut and Areivut (Individual and Collective Responsibility), which are also core CESJDS values.

Mitigating Community Transmission
Although CESJDS is beginning the school year in with specific policies and protocols in place, we anticipate an evolving health environment and changes to the mitigations. With that in mind, the School has implemented multiple strategies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As part of our community, your family’s cooperation by observing public health agency recommendations at all times (even when you or children are not on campus) is critical toward suppressing the spread of COVID. By taking measures to protect ourselves and others, whether we are on campus or students are learning remotely, we demonstrate our commitment to K’hillah (Community) and V’ahavta L’rei-a-kha (Love your neighbor) as core values of the School. We ask families to please be sure to adhere to these mitigation measures: 

  • Please make sure all Health Forms are uploaded to Magnus 

  • Keep your child home when sick (fever of 100.4 or higher) or when they exhibit COVID-like symptoms until you can confirm by negative test that they do not have COVID.

  • If an immediate family member of your CESJDS student tests positive for COVID-19, you must inform the nurse on your child’s campus so that we can monitor any potential spread.

  • Support mask wearing and teach your children about our Face Coverings Policy 

  • Observe public health recommendations outside of school (mask wearing, physical distancing, hand hygiene as they are recommended.

Students will be trained on any protective measures and protocols applicable to their divisions. Adhering to public health recommendations, on and off campus, is an important part of controlling viral spread. Please support the School’s efforts toward the health and safety of the community by talking with your child about the importance of these measures. 

Travel Restrictions 
Families are expected to adhere to public health guidelines with respect to quarantine or testing after traveling to any high-risk country, state, or county. International travelers may refer to CDC guidance. For Maryland guidance, Governor Hogan’s official website contains up-to-date information on Maryland travel guidance. 

Health Screening, Health Assessment and Immunization Policy 
While there is no guarantee against the spread of COVID-19, we have instituted multiple levels of protection to help mitigate risk including, face coverings, hand hygiene, physical distancing, filtered air and frequent surface sanitization. These policies adhere to the CDC guidelines, the Maryland Department of Health and are based on the recommendations of our own CESJDS Medical Advisory Committee. The School will update these practices as needed.

All families must update their demographic information in PowerSchool and Magnus Health prior to the first day of school and throughout the year. This contact information will be critical for readily reaching parents or guardians in case their child is symptomatic. 

Finally, CESJDS requires that all students and faculty/staff be vaccinated once they become eligible to receive the vaccine. As your child is vaccinated, we require proof of vaccination.

We are grateful for your partnership and thank you in advance for your adherence to this COVID Brit.