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7th Grade Experience Capstone Project: Virtual Holocaust Memorial

Class of 2023

This past year, our 7th Grade embarked on a year-long Holocaust and Human Behavior course, which includes a final capstone project. This year, the students created a Virtual Memorial to various people, places, and events of the Holocaust. The students put together a website to highlight their year-long learning and to showcase their final projects. The projects range in type, from poem, to prose, to dance. To introduce the project, please enjoy the prose and visual from Coby Malkus.


In my Holocaust Memorial project, I choose to represent resistance. I choose to represent resistance because I think that the resistance should be recognized because they helped a lot of the Jews escape. In my visual I explained this by painting a dark background with a Jewish star in the middle and then Jews at the bottom. I drew the black background because the Jew were sad and needed help, by painting the Jewish star in white shows that they Jew came together to help each other as a community. I drew the Jews at the bottom because they are reunited by the resistance and then helping more and more Jews. This is how I choose to represent the resistance of the Holocaust. 

-Coby Malkus, Class of 2023

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