CESJDS Board of Directors

Our vision is to nurture confident, compassionate thinkers who engage the world through Jewish values. While aspirational, this is truly what engages our faculty, motivates our parents to dedicate time and energy to the school, and produces the outstanding graduates who emerge from the CESJDS experience – bright, inquisitive, and productive. Everything we do at the board level is intended to further the vision and values of the school – and over time we have grown to be the largest pluralistic Jewish day school in the nation, and also a vibrant and connected part of the Greater Washington Jewish community.

On a personal level, my husband Avi and I have a deep appreciation for the faculty and staff of CESJDS because of the nurturing and rigorous education that our two children have been receiving over the years.  Furthermore, we find CESJDS to be a very special place which celebrates the State of Israel, Israeli culture and Judaism through its stellar dual-language curriculum, year-round programming, and the composition of its student- and parent-body, faculty and staff.  This truly unique place not only shapes the lives of so many generations of our students and their families, it is also where the critical bond between the State of Israel, the local Israeli Jewish community and the American Jewish community gets strengthened through our diverse composition of school families, curriculum and programming, and our graduates, many of whom become leaders who play impactful roles in shaping the U.S.-Israel relationship.  Avi and I see CESJDS as a central component in the development of our children’s identity, core values, and deep knowledge and appreciation of Judaism, Jewish history, love of Israel, social justice and the importance of repairing the world, all while receiving exemplary and inspiring general education.  We feel fortunate, privileged and honored to call this place our home.         

The Board is responsible for the governance of the school. The more than 20 members of the Board of Directors are committed to ensuring that CESJDS provides a superior and accessible education to all of our students The Board has the responsibility to govern the School's affairs, including:

  • Establishing a strategic vision for the school;
  • Selecting and retaining the Head of School;
  • Ensuring the School’s current and long-term financial integrity;
  • Guiding our development efforts – which are key to the accessibility of our institution;
  • Growing strong relationships with the broader Jewish community.

The Board is also very focused on the affordability of a CESJDS education. We know that providing an outstanding education is dependent on attracting and retaining the best faculty. We seek to ensure that we have sufficient resources to subsidize the cost of this education to ensure that the School is achieving its mission and accessible to a diverse range of students through our strong tuition assistance program.

There are so many ways to be involved as a parent at CESJDS. Being active is the best way to get the most out of the CESJDS community – we welcome you.

And for those of you who are considering a CESJDS education for your children, the website is just one way to learn about our school. Please set up a time for a personal visit, as nothing can replace seeing our students, teachers, and faculty members in action. Our community is special because we believe so deeply in the vision of the school – and because of the engagement of so many caring volunteers.

Wishing all a healthy and happy year filled with joy, growth and meaningful learning.

Ayala Nuriely Kimel
Board President

2023-2024 Board Roster

Ayala Nuriely Kimel

Stacy Mensh Schlactus '87
Vice President
Adam Ducker
Vice President
Brian Liss
Justin epner '04
larisa avner trainor
Presidential  Appointee
Rich Handloff
jennifer schwartz
Rabbi Shira Stutman ’91
immediate Past President
Dan Mendelson '82
Board Members
Joy Demain, co-president Parent Association
erika terl, co-president Parent AssociatiON
geoff chesman '92
Alyssa Friedrich
danielle cantor jeweler '97
Ariel LavinbUK
jonathan olin
Koranee Peppe
Todd Rosenberg ’89

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