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We are an institution committed to excellence and anchored in Jewish values. Everything we do is through the lens of our core values, from the classroom to the athletics fields to the cafeteria. We are developing mensches, people of integrity and honor. Respect and courtesy precedes all learning at CESJDS.

Community Voices

Mattie Swire '18

“I really feel knowledgeable when I go out into the larger world and feel like I have a voice for my Jewish identity. JDS has allowed me to form that identity and now I can take that experience into a new setting, and a new place where I will meet new people.”

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Jeremy and Beth Steindecker, CESJDS Parents

"We chose JDS because we were looking to continue our kids’ Jewish education and not compromise on their secular education. What we found was not only did we not compromise but we were blown away by the quality of the secular education here."

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Rabbi Derek Rosenbaum, Middle School Tanakh Teacher

“It’s a huge point of pride to know that I was part of those formative years [for my students]. Now they’re growing up and we see them doing great things in the School, and just know they’re going to do amazing things outside of the School with their education.”

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Sara Polon '95

“This school is a mensch factory. It sets kids up for success to find their passion, and follow it, while learning to be a good Jew and a good human being.”

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Dylan Fox '19

"It’s just so different than public school, just a breath of fresh air. [The School] is just something really different and not what I was used to but in the best way possible. We have nine periods here. That’s just a lot of opportunity."

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Average class size at CESJDS.


Average SAT score of the Class of 2022.

$8.3 M

Dedicated to tuition assistance this school year.


Of students in middle and high school participate in athletics.


Of faculty and staff have a Master's degree or higher.