ACADEMICS: CESJDS students thrive academically because they are challenged to succeed.

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Lower School

CESJDS achieves academic excellence through a balanced curriculum of strong general coursework and a comprehensive Judaic studies program. Lower School students start on the journey to become skilled readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists and artists, anchored in Jewish values and knowledge. These are important years for establishing the habits and interests that foster life-long learning. We focus on helping our students to love school and acquire skills necessary to become critical thinkers and caring citizens.

The introduction of Hebrew gives students the opportunity to learn a second language while providing a vehicle for connecting to Jewish history and culture. Our interdisciplinary approach highlights experiential learning across all subjects and helps students develop critical thinking, logical reasoning and strong writing skills. The dual curriculum assures that they become competent, contemplative and creative learners, navigating with confidence in a world of rapidly changing information. Through our character education program, we cultivate middot (מידות), qualities of character and behavior that guide our interactions in classrooms, on the playing fields and in the relationships formed at school.

CESJDS students learn to be good readers, writers and thinkers; we foster fluency in math, and students learn both content and method in science; they are literate in Jewish tradition, alive with Jewish culture and at home in Jewish communities. We honor a child’s sense of wonder and delight in the world, while promoting the acquisition of skills and information and modeling and instilling Jewish values. We nurture and cherish the innate creativity and curiosity that children bring to school. We design our curriculum to allow children to explore and learn in an environment that balances structure with choice and the individual with the community. Our Lower School respects the pace of childhood and promotes excitement about learning and joy in being part of a remarkable community. At CESJDS, students experience an exceptional education in an environment that complements and challenges each child’s own strengths. Our course of study is rigorous and intentional, yet flexible and personalized; the school maintains its embracing and relaxed environment while providing an academic foundation built on strong skills.

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