ABOUT: CESJDS is a learning community that encourages and celebrates diverse perspectives.

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Mission Statement

"...You shall teach them diligently to your children"

The Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School is an independent community day school serving students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The School is dedicated to creating an environment in which students can grow to their fullest potential as responsible and dedicated members of the Jewish community and of American society. Based on six basic Jewish precepts, the Mission of our School is to teach its students:

Torah L’Shmah
תורה לשמה
to become lifelong learners inspired by a love of “learning for the sake of learning” through a rigorous comprehensive academic program of general and Judaic studies which places a priority on critical, independent and creative thought and expression.
Ahavat Torah
אהבת תורה
to understand and appreciate the wisdom, spiritual depth and ethical guidance of Judaism.
to understand and appreciate the perception of God’s presence in the awe and wonder of our world and how we can sanctify our lives through the practice and experience of the Mitzvot.
Ahavat Yisrael
אהבת ישראל
to form an inextricable bond with the Jewish people - past, present and future - to foster a sense of commitment to the State of Israel, and to appreciate and master the Hebrew language as the language of the Jewish people.
V’ahavta L’Rayakha
ואהבת לרעך
to create a caring, moral community based upon the concepts of B’tzelem Elokim (each individual is created in the image of God) and Derekh Eretz (ethical decency) in which members respect uniqueness and preciousness and are responsible for each other and the community.
Tikun Olam
תקון עולם
to be passionate about preserving God’s world and making it a more compassionate, just and peaceful place through individual and collective commitment to programs of social action and public policy.
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